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Welcome to Shin-Jin International Patent Law Firm.

Shin-Jin is Patents Law Firm, utility models, trademarks, and designs, as well as domestic and international application and registration of industrial property rights.

Our goal is to secure customer intellectual property rights, as well as to ensure customer growth and practical competitiveness.

Services provided by Shin-Jin

Patent application (S.Korea, Int'l)

ㆍ Patent application, PCT international application / World application under the Paris Treaty

Patent Trial/Litigation

ㆍ Objection, invalidation, cancellation, trial to confirm the scope of rights, and litigation for cancellation of trial decision at the Patent Court, etc.
ㆍ Intellectual property infringement litigation (Dispute Mediation Committee, Patent Tribunal, Patent Court)

Design application/trademark

ㆍ Trademark application, international trademark application under the Madrid Protocol
ㆍ Design application, design application according to Hague protocol

Technology Appraisal/Technology Valuation

ㆍ The economic valuation of technology is objectively evaluated so that it can be used in the market based on generally accepted valuation principles and methodologies.
ㆍ Evaluate the value of technology through analysis of technology, rights, marketability, and business feasibility

Export voucher

ㆍ Subsidies are provided in the form of vouchers so that companies wishing to develop export capabilities can autonomously select and utilize export support services.
ㆍ Overseas patent application, overseas trademark/design application, patent trend investigation, overseas patent dispute prevention consulting service for general and startups

Government support project

ㆍ Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (International intellectual property dispute response strategy support project, etc.)
ㆍ Korea Patent Strategy Development Institute (IP-R&D strategy support business, government R&D patent strategy support business, patent trend business, etc.)
ㆍ Korea Invention Promotion Association, RIPC Regional Knowledge Center (IP Narae Program, IP (Intellectual Property) Stepping Stone Program, Idea Rightsization, Overseas Rightsization Support Project, etc.)

Shin-Jin always welcome customer requests for consultation.